Posted on Aug 04, 2014
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I cannot describe it, but I have always marvelled at my son sleeping. It’s hard to explain! But, he is so peaceful when he sleeps. I follow many photographers on social media, and some of them speak about photographing their kids while they are sleeping. It’s the perfect time to capture some great shots!

I have tried this before! When my son was a couple of months old, I captured a nice profile shot…..

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I wanted to capture another shot of my son sleeping. So around 16 months of age, I waited for the perfect opportunity. My son was knocked out! So, I grabbed my camera! At this point, I was not worried so much about lighting. I kept my flash on camera and focused more on composition. At this stage, my goal was to capture a shot of my son sleeping that would be interesting. I “worked” the composition! And about 75 frames later, I feel like I captured a pretty neat photo. Now…..I’m not the biggest fan of a matte finish, but I really think it helped to soften the final photo.

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I love the final photo! I like the composition! I feel like it really tells a story of a little boy sleeping. In the end, that’s what I wanted to accomplish! And, I had fun shooting some photos and my boy didn’t even know it…….

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