Posted on Dec 26, 2013
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As a Charlotte photographer, I like to share my thoughts on my favorite images from the year.  The first image was from a Disney inspired shoot early in 2013. We used a one-light setup with a beauty dish. We positioned the beauty dish camera left (up above about 45 degrees left of subject) and pointed it down. I really enjoy the Rembrandt lighting on the subject’s face. If you look closely, you can see the triangle of light under the subjects’ left eye which is the hallmark of Rembrandt lighting. If I had it to do over again, I would probably try to control some of the shadows on the left side of the subject’s nose. Overall, I like the lighting in this photo most of all. Some Charlotte photographers would not light a woman with Rembrandt lighting, but I like it in this instance!

charlotte photographer

My next image was part of a shoot with the Charlotte rock band, Putney’s End. The thought was to capture a cover shot for the band. We used the walls of a basement for the backdrop. I used a one-light setup with a beauty dish. I wanted to keep a lot of the shadows to add depth to the shot. During post-production, I enhanced some of the imperfections in the wall (background). If I had to do one thing over, I might try to gel a speedlight pointed towards the wall to produce a background with a cool blue color, etc??? Regardless, the result is kind of a cool, edgy shot that I feel goes well with a rock band!

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My third image is from my wife’s maternity photo shoot. Needless to say, it’s very special, near and dear to me, etc. We did the shoot in a very open field. So, I tried to incorporate the concept of a sun-drenched image. I instructed my wife to look down at her belly in deep thought. She’s thinking, contemplating, etc. Then, I used two bare speedlights. I pointed one speedlight at her face/chest and one speedlight at her belly. In the resulting image, we got some sunflare (which is actually what I wanted for this shot). The final image is strong and I think it captures the essence of an expecting mother1

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My next photo is probably the most special to me! It’s a photo of my son in his crib. I had an idea of getting a profile shot in his crib. So, I mounted a speedlight with a snoot high above him. The snoot is a device that focuses the light on a small portion of the photo. I love the snoot lighting and the shadows in the background. I also think the leading lines of the crib sheet work well in this shot. From a composition standpoint, I can remember changing my angles over and over until I got the right photo! In regards to composition, I think this is one of my strongest images of 2013!

nc photography

As a Charlotte photographer, I wrote about this next photo in our Uptown Girl photo shoot. I was trying to go for a high-fashion look. I used a clamshell technique with a beauty dish overhead and a silver reflector underneath. The resulting photo is somewhat an example of a high-key shot that I was looking for!

charlotte photog

The last shot is from our most recent engagement shoot in Vidalia, GA. I tried to incorporate the blue sky, pond in the background, etc. into a sunset photo. I think the resulting photo is romantic, fitting for an engagement photo, etc. It may not be the strongest composition, but this may be the best exposure, color, and lighting example of the year!

charlotte photog

And there you have it! These photos are the best for this Charlotte photographer in 2013!

Let me know what you think!

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