Posted on Nov 23, 2013
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I’m a Charlotte photographer and I learned a valuable lesson early on! Share and display your work!

That sounds fairly obvious, but you would be surprised to know that many Charlotte photographers (Party Photographers in Charlotte NC, Photographers Charlotte NC, Charlotte Wedding Photographers) get lost in cyberspace, uploading photos to social media, etc. We forget the power of the print, canvas, framed print, etc!

Before you know it, you wonder what your work would look like in real life, etc!

I learned this lesson early on! I decided that this photographer would always display his work.

So, I have displayed prints/frames throughout my house. I wanted to share an experience that illustrates the power of displaying your work.

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I created some framed prints to go in my son’s room. I rotate the photos from time to time, but I always make sure they show a progression of his growth, etc. At the time of writing this blog post, my son is around 7 months old. Every night when my wife and I take my son upstairs to bed, I look at those photos of him on the wall. As a Charlotte photographer, I am so proud of my work! These might not be the best photos in the world, but they are mine! I created each one and they hold a special place in my heart. When we read a book to my son before bed and try to get him to unwind, I pay more attention to the photos on the wall. My wife looks at me and wonders what I am looking at. I am thrilled to see my creations on the wall!

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With that said, I will continue to look for ways to display my work throughout my house (as a Charlotte photographer). I need to remember that images are best displayed in real life instead of cyberspace uploading, social media, etc.

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