Posted on Oct 17, 2013
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I didn’t wake up one day and want to become a Charlotte portrait photographer.

It kinda happened over time. In looking at possible topics for my blog, I thought it might be fun to give a little insight into the process and why I gravitate towards photography. I don’t have one singular moment! I read about a lot of photographers, Charlotte NC Photographers, etc. Many photographers talk about their first camera given to them when they were kids, etc. My experience is a little different. I always liked photography growing up. But, I didn’t plunge into it.

My experience started around 2011 when I got married. Prior to my ceremony, I wanted to invest in a solid DSLR camera. My wife and I had a destination wedding and I figured I could add to the photos that we purchased through the resort. That kinda spurred my fascination with photography and I was very intrigued from that point forward.

charlotte portrait photographer

At that point, I plunged into photography. I read all the time, bought more and more equipment, etc. It really has been a great experience for me! My wedding sort of spurred me on and got the ball rolling.

But, I wondered why I wanted to learn and pursue photography as a Charlotte portrait photographer.

If I give it some thought, the biggest factor is that photography is an escape for me! I think I enjoy it because it is an escape from all of the pressures and stress of the world. I can jump into photography and become a Charlotte portrait photographer without any concerns! I am fortunate because photography is not my main source of income. I can be selective in what I shoot. I don’t have to spend hours upon hours editing hundreds of photos. I can pretty much do what I want in that regard. I think that also keeps it fresh, simple, somewhat wholesome, etc.

As much as I can (now having to juggle a baby, full-time job, etc), I am going to hold on to that feeling that I get when I escape into photography! It’s a good escape from life. Let’s face it! Life can become daunting sometimes and everybody needs an escape every once in a while……

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