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As a Charlotte photographer, I am always looking for different shoots, different themes for shoots, etc.

I did an Uptown Charlotte shoot (high school senior shoot) with a city/urban vibe a couple of years ago and I really enjoyed myself! I wanted to do another Uptown Charlotte shoot for a high school model and the timing could not be better. Coincidentally, I just took an online class for senior portraits. At the end of the class, I was struck by the one-dimensional aspect of most photo shoots involving high school females. This particular class had an image critique portion and all of the photographers’ work looked the same! It involved one-dimensional, flat lighting with a female in a field somewhere. Then, the post-processing involved some type of “soft”, creamy edits, etc. Don’t get me wrong! I’m not bashing this kind of photography! I do it, too (along with other Charlotte photographers)! But, I wanted to do something completely different that showed some “edginess”. I think you can create some edginess by creating shadows with lighting, etc. The idea was to create an Uptown Charlotte shoot that was a little glamorous! In the end, I wanted to showcase the model as a city girl who was the object of all the guys’ affection. I am gonna show my age, but I was reminded of the Billy Joel song and video, “Uptown Girl”. Ok…..Ok…..That just happened! By the way, I found out (during rigorous research for this blog post) something called “Westlife” remade the song. I checked them out. Not bad, but it ain’t no Billy Joel……

So, I partnered again with Attitudes A Salon. I must take a second to thank Erica, April, Sam, John, etc. for making this shoot happen! As always, they did an outstanding job in regards to hair, makeup, etc. Samantha, the model, is a stunning lady and fun, too! We went to a parking garage in Uptown Charlotte. First of all, I think it’s kinda trespassing to hang out and take photos. So, I was a little nervous at first. But, my nerves calmed down when I realized the only people on these high floors of the garage were skateboarder dudes! The first shot we took was a glamorous closeup.

As a Charlotte photographer, this may be one of my favorite photos (of mine)!

Many times, I get too aggressive with skin retouching in post-production. As a constructive criticism, I have been trying to work on that. Too much skin retouching can give a photo a somewhat “fake” appearance. I was very pleased with the photo below. It looks clean and not overdone!
charlotte photographer

Next, we tried to focus on some full length shots. In post-production, I wanted to give these photos a city vibe! So, I played around with “gritty” edits that captured the “grittiness” of the concrete walls, city buildings, etc.

north carolina photographer

charlotte portrait photographer

Then, we went to the very top of the parking garage. I was bummed because it started raining! But, April (from Attitudes A Salon) found this great spot under an overhang. Once the rain stopped, the sky turned this amazing orange color. The sky produced the perfect backdrop with the buildings in the background! We came up with some amazing shots during dusk.

charlotte photography

In the end, we had a blast with this project. It was fulfilling for me as well. I think we accomplished the goal of producing a few shots with a city/urban feel!

This Charlotte photographer was very satisfied.

I’m actually singing “Uptown Girl” by Billy Joel while writing this blog post. I forgot how “catchy” this tune is (don’t judge)…….
charlotte photographer copy

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