Posted on Jul 10, 2013
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Like most Charlotte photographers, I always look at my portfolio of images with much scrutiny.

I like to think of my “true” portfolio as 15-20 of my best images. It’s funny! I’ve been practicing for a couple of years and only have 15 photos (or so) that I truly think are representative of my current style and present status in my journey of photography. Think about that! I’ve taken “gazillions” of photos!

In the opinion of this Charlotte photographer, the most worthy photos are “few and far between”.

I’ve noticed that my selection of photos that I would show for constructive criticism is dynamic, too. It’s always changing! I look back at photos I took 6 months to a year ago and I kinda chuckle! I probably see some lighting techniques or post-production edits that I would reconsider. I’ve noticed a pattern of including more work from recent shoots. That’s the great thing about photography. I learn something every time I shoot photos! And, I can see a consistent progression in the quality of my work. That progression is comforting to me! In regards to portfolios, I also learned not to envy or compare the work of others. I follow many photographers (including Portrait Photography Charlotte NC, Professional Photographer Charlotte NC, Wedding Photography Charlotte NC, Charlotte Family Photography, Charlotte Wedding Photographer, etc). I look at others for inspiration and ideas, but I don’t compare my work with their work. That’s a death move! You learn that photography is a journey and every photographer is at different stages in his/her own journey. I try to embrace that philosophical concept!

I also noticed that portfolio building is a lifelong process! At first, I thought you build your portfolio (as a Charlotte photographer) and then you do not have to worry about it. Over time, I realized that I am always thinking about strengthening my selection of images. Actually, I sometimes accept photo shoots based more on strengthening my portfolio and less on financial gains, etc. I might pull the trigger on a shoot if I think I can get some quality portfolio candidates!

In the end, I realize that those 15-20 images are just a tiny representation of where I am at in my photography journey. Hopefully, those 15-20 images will continue to improve (as I will try to improve as a Charlotte photographer).

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