Posted on Jul 17, 2013
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As a Charlotte portrait photographer, I enjoy showing (through my blog) how I edit certain photos. I have been thinking about the editing/post-production process and how I can improve in that area.

One photographer that I follow (I follow many photographers in areas of Portraits Charlotte NC, Charlotte NC Photographers, Charlotte NC Family Photographers, etc) suggested that all photographers show their work (in regards to editing/post-production) to fellow photographers. What a great idea! It can be a painful process sometimes, because your ego may take a hit. But, I think constructive criticism from colleagues and clients can be helpful in improving the overall process.

With that said, I wanted to show I edited one of the photos from my recent photo shoot with Attitudes A Salon. If you didn’t see our 60’s vintage photo shoot, make sure you check out my blog post that describes the shoot and the actual images. I always like to give the disclaimer that I am probably not the most skilled photographer in Photoshop and I am trying to improve in that area as a Charlotte portrait photographer.

So, I started with this beehive shot SOOC (straight out of camera). I actually love the simplicity of this photo! I really enjoy the lighting and how it wraps from the viewer’s right to left, showing some gentle shadows on the model’s right-side of face, etc. Right away, I think I can incorporate some of the vintage qualities and add some type of fashion stamp to it. The first thing I did was to add some contrast and vibrance in Camera Raw (Photoshop). Next, I sharpened the eyes, lips, etc. just a little……

charlotte portrait photographer

For some clients, I would probably consider ending my edit right there! But as a Charlotte portrait photographer, I need to keep the target audience in mind. This photo is for a hair/makeup salon. I felt like I needed that extra “punch”! So, I thought about bringing out some of the highlights in the model’s hair and creating more of that “fashion” stamp…….

So, I really over-saturated some of the highlights in the model’s hair and skin (see below).

charlotte portrait photographer

Now, I like the resulting photo (a lot)! But, I am thinking it doesn’t have enough “pizaaz”. I found a texture that incorporated more “yellows”. So, I applied that texture (if you look closely at the background, you can see a bit of grainy texture) to the photo to add a bit of yellow and “punch” to the final image (see below).

charlotte portrait photographer

Again, I would never do this edit for a business head shot, etc. In fact, the final edit is not for the faint of heart! But, you have to keep the target audience in mind. With that said, I think this edit fits the concept that we were incorporating. I am curious about what you think! Do you think this edit is appropriate? Do you like it at all? Is it too much? Which edit do you like best? Or, do you think I am out in left field? Let me know your thoughts……please comment below. I leave you with the final before and after shot!

final before after