Posted on Jun 14, 2013
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As a Charlotte portrait photographer, I wanted to share my experience in regards to my latest shoot with Attitudes A Salon.

I also wanted to give some insight into the concepts, philosophies, etc that I wanted to introduce from a photography perspective. We (Attitudes Salon staff and me) actually planned this shoot for many months! The stylists at Attitudes wanted to do a themed shoot focused on a 60’s vintage swimsuit concept. They wanted to incorporate some of the high school/college customers (guys and gals). Early on, we visualized the photos evoking a feeling of fashion combined with a post-production that would give a vintage look.

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So, the plan was to do the shoot outside at a pool (during the day). The first hurdle I thought about was the harsh sunlight and the effect on photography. Honestly, midday sunlight with no shade may be the toughest lighting condition for photographers! I must admit that I have been fooled by midday sunlight conditions in the past. For me, the harsh sunlight during midday creates a few challenges.

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First of all, this lighting creates bright highlights and harsh shadows. Also, it creates different exposures for the subject and background that are difficult to harmonize. So, I thought about using a large diffuser (or scrim) during the shoot. My primary goal was to use the large diffuser overhead (over the subject). This technique would help reduce the bright highlights and harsh shadows. Along with using the diffuser overhead, I wanted to introduce more light into the subjects’ faces, etc. with speedlights (flashes). The combination of the diffuser and flash would hopefully even out the exposures between the subject and background.


The actual shoot went according to plan! The forecast called for rain and thunderstorms, but it didn’t rain one drop all day! Wow……We got lucky on that one! It was extremely hot and humid. I must commend the staff at Attitudes A Salon. They arrived at the salon early in the morning and adjusted the hair and makeup for the models. Then, we shot all day long at the pool! Primarily, we used the diffuser overhead and then bounced flash (speedlights) through an umbrella as a key light. We used various methods of fill flash or fill lighting to compliment the umbrella, key light.

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summer II

Overall, I was very impressed with the models!

First of all, the guys and gals were very photogenic! Every subject was beautiful or handsome (female or male). That made it easy on this Charlotte portrait photographer!

The staff at Attitudes did an amazing job with the hair and makeup! During a long shoot (like this one), I try to focus on as many details as possible. It’s challenging because a million thoughts are running through my head in regards to posing, lighting, technique, etc. Sometimes, it’s somewhat of a whirlwind……


At the completion of the shoot, my attention turned towards post-production. We wanted to incorporate a vintage look in the processing. Overall, I incorporated that vintage look in some of the photos. Honestly, some of the “closeups” looked better with a fashion, glamorous edit versus a vintage edit. So, the entire collection combines some vintage photos with fashion, glamorous photos.


In the end, I must say that I had a blast with this 60’s vintage swimsuit shoot. I think everyone had a blast! Also, I think the staff at Attitudes A Salon and the subjects involved were pleased with the results! Ultimately, that’s the main objective! It really was a win-win photo shoot! I always enjoy working with the stylists at Attitudes A Salon because they are so passionate and creative about their craft!

Watch out for Attitudes A Salon and Tommy Holt Photography! We are already planning the next photo shoot and hopefully it will be bigger and better than the previous shoot!

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