Posted on Jan 20, 2013
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Being a photographer, you often get opportunities to photograph something near and dear to your heart.

With my most recent project, I got a chance to photograph my own wife in a maternity shoot.

We have a field at the entrance of our neighborhood. In coming up with a concept, I wanted to use that field and create a “meadow” scene. The thought was to have my wife center stage as the focal point and the “meadow” in the background so it would not overpower the subject. In thinking about editing, I wanted warm colors, sun and lens flare, etc.

So, we went out close to the “golden hour”. For the most part, we used some flash units (off-camera flash) and reflectors. I generally do not like using the gold side of a reflector, but we used it in this case because I really wanted to play up the warm, gold tones. First, I was trying to create a silhouette shot. We put the sun directly behind my wife and came up with the photo below. It’s not a “true” silhouette. I (intentionally) wanted to partially show her face, etc. I like the vintage, black and white edit.


Next, I wanted a photo of my wife looking down at her belly, contemplating, in deep thought, etc. I generally like to use the sun as a “backlight”, so we put the sun behind my wife again. In doing that, you have to be careful about shooting directly into the sun. You usually get a lot of sun flare and lens flare. I actually wanted that look in my photos, so I didn’t mind it. We put a flash unit on the ground pointing towards the little baby and one flash unit pointing towards my wife’s face. The resulting photo is fairly dramatic and turned out great!


This next photo may be my favorite of my wife! We used a gold reflector to bounce the sunlight into her face. I love the warm, hair light from the sun and I really like how my wife is leaning back and sticking her belly out. She is proud of it!


In the end, I was very pleased with the results. I don’t want to be too dramatic, but this experience was surreal! It was great photographing my wife and my baby boy! Looking through the lens, I felt comfortable and relaxed.

In looking at my wife, I was searching for a word to describe my emotions. More than anything, I was proud!

Carrying a baby must be a difficult thing and we are nearing the end of that journey. I am proud of my wife for making it this far. I am going to be sappy for one second (I am a typical man who usually doesn’t like to show my emotions, etc)!

At that very moment looking through the lens of a camera as a photographer, my wife was the most beautiful woman on Earth!

Wow…..What just happened here? I need to recover from that moment. I am off to watch football and enjoy some beverages! Lastly, here’s my favorite photo of all. Thanks to Kim Holt, I’m actually in this one!

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