Posted on Jan 04, 2013
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In my journey as a photographer, I recently conducted a fun photo shoot that quite frankly came about by surprise! My wife’s salon, Attitudes A Salon, needed a photographer for a themed shoot. So, the hair stylists asked my wife If we could take a few photos. Without any preparation, we jumped at the chance!

As a photographer, you sometimes have to roll with the punches and improvise!

When we got to the location, the stylists at Attitudes A Salon provided all of the props and concepts for the photos.

The vision was to create an interesting, edgy shoot that captured the hair and makeup of high school students in preparation for the upcoming prom season. They thought outside of the box and came up with a Disney inspired theme.

We incorporated different characters from “Alice in Wonderland”, “Snow White and the Huntsman”, “Cinderella”, “The Little Mermaid”, etc. For the finished product, the goal was to create mostly edgy photos with high drama.

When we got to the location, I was impressed with these high school students. For the young ladies, the makeup was flawless! In addition, they all had unique, sometimes edgy and funky hairstyles!
Lastly, they were “dressed to impress”!

Let’s just say they impressed the heck out of this photographer! I was blown away!

The staff at Attitudes A Salon worked the entire day on the hair and makeup and it really paid off! As for the photo shoot, it went according to plan!
In retrospect, I came away with a few thoughts. First of all, I am humbled at the creativity and talent of these stylists from Attitudes A Salon. As a photographer, it’s refreshing to collaborate with such creative people. I envy their creativity! Also, I was impressed with the high school students. This entire group seemed to be “good kids”! They took direction well, helped with lighting in different scenes, etc. When you hear mostly about negativity and the worst of young kids, it was refreshing to interact with this solid group of students.
Lastly, I am convinced that working with professionals who do exceptional hair, makeup, etc makes my pursuit of better photos easier.

That day, this photographer just got out of the way and let the work of the stylists from Attitudes A Salon shine!

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