Posted on Dec 27, 2012
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As a Charlotte photographer, I want to do more “edgy” photo shoots.

So, I had an opportunity to do a photo session with a competitive swimmer. I thoroughly enjoyed myself! I wanted to share my thoughts after the fact.

In regards to the shooting conditions, it was very tough! The pool area was huge and it was very dark!

In order to stop the action of the swimmer, I had to increase my shutter speed. Needless to say, it was very difficult to get enough light into the photographs. Out of 100 or so photographs, I was only satisfied with a a few action shots (as a Charlotte photographer).

Before I share a few photos, I was impressed with this competitive swimmer! This guy has some kind of physique!

He walked in and I got two words for you…..”physical specimen”!

He’s built like a swimming machine. When this guy got into the water, I was intrigued by the fluid motion and the smoothness. It’s interesting how “smooth” combined with technique is the ticket. The swimming motion is more controlled (versus flailing limbs) in person than I imagined.

I wanted to do one portrait shot and I wanted to primarily backlight the subject. I like the result! In retrospect, I would consider reducing the amount of fill flash to produce a few more shadows on the swimmer’s face (left side).

Charlotte photographer

This next photo was done last. I nailed the concept! I wanted a very “punchy” light on the swimmer’s face with dark shadows in the background. I wanted him looking like he is contemplating while waiting for the next race. I wish I would have varied the flash output and positioned his face differently so the shadows weren’t so apparent (on his face). To be honest, that pool area gets hot and I was burning up by the end of the shoot (this Charlotte photographer had to get out of there)!

Charlotte photographer

Now, there is always one “money shot” you are trying to capture as a Charlotte photographer! I have to say that this last photo speaks for itself!

The swimmer did a few passes of the butterfly stroke and we got lucky with this shot!

I still cannot believe this muscle shot!

Charlotte photographer

In the end, I really enjoyed my experience with this subject! I enjoyed talking to him and trying to pick his brain about competitive swimming. I truly have an appreciation for athletes. In regards to swimmers, I have even more respect for them. Being a competitor in an individual sport is even tougher than competing in team sports. The stakes are high and you cannot lean on anyone but yourself! In an individual sport, you have to be disciplined, create a tremendous work ethic, etc.

But more than anything, you need a burning desire to be great!

I know this swimmer has the physical and mental tools to become great. He has my support from here on out. I am truly a fan!

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